Over 1.500 meetings taken by 50 buyers from all over Europe and 80 sellers representing all Italy: the figures ITW NOVA speak for themselves.
We want to thank all participants for joining this event and rating it with full marks (over 90% for sellers and buyers).
In reference with the organization, assistance, matchmaking platforms, the 90% of sellers were satisfied and also almost all the buyers (95%).
As far as the business is concerned, we can say that ITW NOVA reached its goal, as almost all the buyers (88%) and the 85% of sellers judged the contacts established as excellent or good; this makes us proud and pushes us to work harder to continue on this path.

“Thank you very much for such a nice opportunity to arrive and attend ITW Nova.
I have a lot of new contacts which will help to make our tours to Italy amazing.
Thank you very much one more time :)”

Guliverio Keliones (Lithuania)

“Very satisfied with all aspects of the event. We met some potential commercial partners and the ebike tour was excellent!”
Live Breathe Hike (France)

“Very well organised, good booklet with info per each seller. Nice idea to print the agenda. Very positive!”
De Jong Intra Vakanties (The Netherlands)

“Thank you for the great organisation. I had the chance to meet new partners with whom I hope to cooperate in the future”
Web Vacation Kft (Hungary)

“È stato un piacere attendere la Fiera ITW. Ho trovato tanto “nuovo business” ed infatti ho già fatto una prenotazione per clienti nostri da una delle strutture incontrate alla fiera”
Italmania (The Netherlands)

“I would like to thank to all of you this well organised workshop,  for the nice hotel and for the high standard tour at Garda Lake -ITW NOVA 15-18 May.
Everything was nice, and also very usefull.
Hope to see you next time”

La Grotta Holidays