Thanks for the days at the Lago di Garda. It was really a good experience. I met a lot of interesting people, both on the day of the meetings, but also among the buyers in general. And we had the possibility to talk together and exchange ideas and opinions. That was good. And the program was well made.
I really liked the days.
Here you have some pinpoints:
The people at the venue were very friendly and good.
The event was very well organized.
There were a lot of interesting people at the venue.
It was fantastic that the workshop with the meetings was on a boat.
The educational tour was both entertaining, educational and well-planned.
The days of the Itw-nova were really well spent.

Thank you so much for a great Event and I met so many interesting new partners that I will contact in the near future to expand our program/tours in Italy 😊
The Event was perfectly arranged.
All in all it was a great Event and I learned a lot and everything was very professional 😊
Again thank you so much to all of you 😊

Grazie tante a voi, tutto lo staff, sempre gentile, simpatico ed efficace !
L’evento era interessante e ho scoperto dei nuovi prodotti 😊
La giornata nella Franciacorta con walking e degustazione presso il Rocol, molto carino.
E mi è piaciuto la passegiata al lago Iseo che non conoscevo.
Certo, anche interessante le info sulle altre regioni, Emilia Romagna e Friuli
Spero poter lavorare di piu su queste regioni !

It was a pleasure to participate in such kind of event. Everything was well organized: starting from transfers, accommodation, food, tours and ending with nice live music. The singer was fantastic.
I have made very interesting contact, which, I am sure, will be useful for future cooperation.
You have a great team!
Excursion to Brescia was amazing, Italy has what to offer for our clients.
Big thank you for invitation.

I really want to thanks you for such oportunity to attend ITW NOVA.
Your organisation and comunication is always perfect. It is the best I ever participate.
Everything is concantrated on time. I got a lot of important contact for our company.
I wish you the best for everybody and company also.
I hope you to meet in future.
Guliverio kelionės

I would like to thank all of you for your support and professionalism.
I enjoyed every part of the workshop.
We already have programs in the area’s of the sponsors, but we would like to add some tours in 2025.

Thank you very much for organizing this event, this was very good and very useful, we could meet a lot of partners.

Vorrei ringraziarvi per l’opportunità di partecipare a questo evento. Tutto era perfetto, ben organizzato. Ho acquisito molti contatti preziosi durante il workshop. Inoltre ho avuto l’opportunità di conoscere meglio i dintorni del Lago di Garda. Tutto questo sara utile per me anche nel mio lavoro.

Thank you so very much for inviting me to be a part of the Garda event! Everything was fabulous and I made so many wonderful contacts. Your team was top notch! 👏
Travel Passionistas

It was a pleasure, very well organised, thank you very much for everything!

Thanks a lot for an excellent event in Desenzano.
Friday was very well prepared and meetings at the boat was an good experience. We also had a fantastic trip to Lago Iseo Saturday.

I would like to Thank You for great oragnization and woderfull time in Italy! Every detail has been considered, really very nice organization.

No idea! So far it’s all very well organized 🙂

Keep going thank you!

Great well organised event.
Audley Travel

Come sempre tutto al top! Grazie




Over 1.500 meetings taken by 50 buyers from all over Europe and 80 sellers representing all Italy: the figures ITW NOVA speak for themselves.
We want to thank all participants for joining this event and rating it with full marks (over 90% for sellers and buyers).
In reference with the organization, assistance, matchmaking platforms, the 90% of sellers were satisfied and also almost all the buyers (95%).

As far as the business is concerned, we can say that ITW NOVA reached its goal, as almost all the buyers (88%) and the 85% of sellers judged the contacts established as excellent or good; this makes us proud and pushes us to work harder to continue on this path.

“Thank you so much it was a pleasure to attend ITW Nova and meeting you and your colleagues.
I’ve meet with a lot of interesting and possible new coworkers – so I’m excited to see what 2024 and 2025 will bring
It was lovely to attend a so well organized and structured fare with actual possible “coworkers”.”


“I would like to thank the entire Comitel team for the good organization, the good care and the professional and valuable contacts I was able to make during the tour.
The careful planning and organization helped ensure that everything went smoothly and I was able to fully concentrate on the discussions, the valuable contacts and the wonderful experiences.
I would also like to particularly emphasize the valuable contacts I was able to make during the B2B meetings. The professionalism and expertise of the people I was able to interact with inspired me and opened up new travel perspectives for my guests.
You made this tour an unforgettable experience.”

Golf and Sail Cruises GmbH (Germany)

“Sono molto soddisfatta deli incontri avuti poiché ho trovato nuovi partner per inserire proposte di viaggio nel catalogo viaggi 2023”

“Very useful insight for suppliers in the Italian market. I have made long lasting connections for the future.”
Weekend Travel Ltd (United Kingdom)

“I am finally catching up on my emails today after a busy couple of days back in the office! I just wanted to send you my personal thanks for extending the invitation to us at 10Adventures to attend this incredible event. I made some great contacts with new suppliers that we are looking forward to working with, and overall I really enjoyed exploring these lesser known areas of Italy.”

“Everything was wonderful. Thank you very much once more!”

“Thanks so much for the invitation. The ITW event was a lot of fun and very well organised. I thought that the choice of accommodation was excellent and the itinerary was detailed without being too much. Some good new business contacts and a very interesting day of cultural and physical activity! I am sure that we will be able to grow our business from here and I very much hope to be able to participate in future Comitel events!”
Zoom Travel LTD (United Kingdom)

“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend my first live event with ITW at ITW Nova. The appointments I had during the workshop were excellent. I made new contacts for properties, excursions and tour operators, and look forward to working with them in the future. The appointment times were perfect and all went smoothly. The appointment making system worked easily and I was able to choose the ones I wanted.
I had a tour in Franciacorta and Lake Iseo, a region I did not know. I enjoyed the tours there, especially the wine and food, and fell in love with Monte Isola. I will definitely add this area to our programs.
I also had a tour in Ascoli Piceno. Here we stayed in a lovely local hotel and enjoyed more fantastic food and wines. We also met with more operators and learned about the area and its history and some beautiful hotels and spent time in an amazing museum. I loved my time in Grottammare walking to see the art carved out of the stones along the promenade and enjoying fantastic seafood.
I am grateful to have had time to visit Lake Garda after too many years and to enjoy the beauty and learn about the activities in the area. Combining Garda and Lake Iseo will work very well for our company.
This total experience was wonderful for me and I learned exactly how to prepare an excellent program in this part of Italy.”

“Ringraziamo tutto lo staff di Comitel per l’ottima organizzazione della fiera ITW Nova
Abbiamo avuto l’opportunità di incontrare nuovi operatori ed ampliare la nostra rete di contatti con realtà molto diverse tra loro.
La pianificazione degli appuntamenti è stata fondamentale per rendere la giornata scorrevole senza intoppi
Arrivederci a presto!”




“Thank you very much for such a nice opportunity to arrive and attend ITW Nova.
I have a lot of new contacts which will help to make our tours to Italy amazing.
Thank you very much one more time :)”

Guliverio Keliones (Lithuania)

“Very satisfied with all aspects of the event. We met some potential commercial partners and the ebike tour was excellent!”
Live Breathe Hike (France)

“Very well organised, good booklet with info per each seller. Nice idea to print the agenda. Very positive!”
De Jong Intra Vakanties (The Netherlands)

“Thank you for the great organisation. I had the chance to meet new partners with whom I hope to cooperate in the future”
Web Vacation Kft (Hungary)

“È stato un piacere attendere la Fiera ITW. Ho trovato tanto “nuovo business” ed infatti ho già fatto una prenotazione per clienti nostri da una delle strutture incontrate alla fiera”
Italmania (The Netherlands)

“I would like to thank to all of you this well organised workshop,  for the nice hotel and for the high standard tour at Garda Lake -ITW NOVA 15-18 May.
Everything was nice, and also very usefull.
Hope to see you next time”

La Grotta Holidays